The Company

The CompanY. Asia’s premiere vocal harmony act was formed in 1985 by alumni of the Ateneo College Glee Club. Initially, they sang as back up vocalists for the country's reigning pop stars of the '80's before turning professional as the headlining concert and recording artists that they are today.

After undergoing a number of personnel changes, the group is now a quintet composed of Sweet Plantado (soprano), Annie Quintos (soprano/alto), Cecile Bautista(alto),
Oj Mariano(tenor) and Moy Ortiz (tenor2/bass).

 This versatile sextet resist categorization by continually delving into almost all forms of music genres involving vocal harmony; traditional/classical choral music, pop, mainstream jazz, smooth jazz, dance, R&B, contemporary acappella, novelty, folk, Brazilian, gospel, electronica, rap, Christmas, world music, swing, bebop, vocalese, alternative pop, musical theater, rock, Brazilian, Latin among others.

Main musical influences include: Pentatonix, The Manhattan Transfer, New York Voices, The Singers Unlimited, The Carpenters, Swingle Singers, Swing Out Sister, Pizzicato Five, Burt Bacharach, Take 6, First Call, Swingle Singers, Fifth Dimension, Jimmy Webb, Paul Williams, The Corrs, Destiny’s Child, etc.

The CompanY is perpetually expanding their boundaries in vocal music. Over the past 30 years they have received 54 music industry awards, making them the most awarded recording vocal group in the land. Part of this success includes the release of 24 critically and commercially successful studio albums.

The members of The CompanY also wear many hats. Within this group are songwriters, vocal and instrumental arrangers, concert and record producers, choreographers, stage directors, scriptwriters, image consultants, layout artists, set designers, visual artists, voice teachers, recording coaches, studio/session singers, stage actors and workshop masters. This only serves to underscore the versatility and talent of this group.

Veterans of the concert circuit both here and abroad, The CompanY have had the privilege of sharing the stage with international acts like The Manhattan Transfer, Jim Brickman, Noel Pointer, John Ford Coley, David Pack, Ambrosia, Survivor, Kalapana, Kenny Rankin, Michael Buble, Steve Tyrell, Basia, David Pomeranz , The Idea of North (Australian vocal group) and Janis Siegel of The Manhattan Transfer.

The group is also known for its strong visual images constantly reinventing their look gravitating towards the works of progressive, cutting edge European and Japanese designers. This highly experimental approach with their costumes and stage act is highly reflective of the group's motto: Substance with style!

After 30 years (and counting) in the business, The CompanY continues to be a potent force both in the live entertainment and recording scenes. The cliché definitely applies to The CompanY - like good wine; some things do getter better with age.

The CompanY’s Awards

  1. RECORD OF THE YEAR – “Everlasting Love”. The First Pinoy Music Awards. 1991, December
  2. MOST REQUESTED SONG OF THE WEEK – “Everlasting Love”. DWFM. July 7 to 13, 1991.
  3. GOLD RECORD AWARD – “ ‘Yon Na!”. October, 1991.
  4. BEST PERFORMANCE BY ANEW DUO OR GROUP, “Everlasting Love”, 1991 Awit Awards.
  5. BEST PERFORMANCE BY A DUO OR GROUP, “Everlasting Love”, 1991 Awit Awards.
  6. BEST COMPOSITION – Everlasting Love, 1991 Awit Awards
  7. BEST group awards – Third Annual Young Celebrity Awards or Parangal Youth Awards, 1991.
  8. MOST REQUESTED SONG OF THE WEEK – “Now That I Have You”. DWFM. September 13 to 19, 1992.
  9. GOLD RECORD AWARD – “SIX BY 6”. JANUARY 10, 1993.
  10. MOST REQUESTED SONG OF THE WEEK – “Muntik Na Kitang Minaha;”. DWFM. March 21 to 27, 1993.
  11. ALBUM OF THE YEAR – “SIX BY 6”. 1992 AWIT Awards.
  12. BEST VOCAL JAZZ RECORDING – “Ikaw Na Ikaw” – 1992 Awit Awards.
  13. BEST INSPIRATIONAL RECORDING – “Hanggang Sa Muli”. 1992 Awit Awards.
  14. BEST VOCAL GROUP AWARD – “When The Feeling’s Right”. The First International Guam Music Festival. 1993.
  15. PHILIP’S INTERNATIONAL AWARD – “When The Feeling’s Right”. 1993 Awit Awards.
  16. ALBUM OF THE YEAR – “Harmony”. 1995 Catholic Mass Media Awards.
  17. BEST TRADITIONAL RECORDING – “Kahit Ika’y Panaginip Lang”. 1994 Awit Awards.
  18. BEST VOCAL ARRANGEMENT – “Kahit Ika’y Panaginip Lang”. 1994 Awit Awards.
  19. BEST INSTRUMENTAL ARRANGEMENT – “Kanin, Ulam, Sabaw at Ikaw”. 1994 Awit Awards.
  21. BEST VOCAL JAZZ RECORDING – “Bawal Ang Goodbye”. 1997 Awit Awards
  22. BEST VOCAL JAZZ RECORDING – “After You”. 1998 Awit Awards.
  23. ALBUM OF THE YEAR – “Harmony”. 1995 Katha Awards
  24. BEST POP ALBUM OF THE YEAR – “Harmony”. 1995 Katha Awards
  25. BEST PRODUCER OF THE YEAR – Margot Gallardo for the album “Harmony”. 1995 Katha Awards
  26. BEST VOCAL JAZZ RECORDING – “Kanin, Ulam, Sabaw at Ikaw”. 1995 Katha Awards.
  27. BEST VOCAL JAZZ SONG – “Kanin, Ulam, Sabaw at Ikaw”. 1995 Katha Awards
  28. BEST VOCAL ARRANGEMENT – Moy Ortiz for “Kanin, Ulam, Sabaw at Ikaw”. 1995 Katha Awards.
  29. BEST INSTRUMENTAL ARRANGEMENT ACCOMPANYING VOICES – Mel Villena for “Kanin, Ulam, Sabaw at Ikaw”. 1995 Katha Awards
  30. BEST PERFORMANCE BY A DUO OR GROUP – The CompanY. 1995 Katha Awards.
  31. BEST POP ALBUM – “For The Long Run”. 1996 Katha Awards.
  32. BEST LATIN SONG – “Lemonade Afternoon”. 1996 Katha Awards
  33. BEST LATIN PERFORMANCE – “Lemonade Afternoon. 1996 Katha Awards.
  34. BEST CONTEMPORARY JAZZ SONG – “Bawal Ang Goodbye” . 1996 Katha Awards.
  35. BEST CONTEMPORARY JAZZ PERFORMANCE – “Bawal Ang Goodbye . 1996 Katha Awards.
  36. GOLD RECORD AWARD – “Lighthearted”. December 1, 2013. ABSCBN’s ASAP 18, 24K GOLD AWARDS.
  37. BEST NOVELTY RECORDING – “Pinoy Na Krismas”. Star Awards For Music.
  38. ARTIST OF THE YEAR (Duo/Group Division) – The CompanY. 2012 Star Awards for Music.
  39. ARTIST OF THE YEAR (Duo/Group Division) – The CompanY. 2013 Star Awards for Music.
  40. BEST COLLABORATION IN A CONCERT FOR I heart MLA (It’s More Fun In The Philippines!). Aliw Awards. 2013. The CompanY, Bo Cerrudo and Jon Santos.
  41. BEST CONCERT OF THE YEAR – It’s Complicated. Jose Mari Chan and The CompanY.
  42. GOLD RECORD AWARDS - ‘The Christmas Album” – December 2014 on ABSCBN’S ASAP 19.
  43. PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDEE FOR BEST VOCAL GROUP – Quality Consumer Foundation. 2003.
  44. BEST VOCAL ARRANGEMENT – “Souvernirs” . Moy Ortiz. 2008 Awit Awards.
  45. BEST CHRISTMAS RECORDING – “Noche Buena”. 2007. Awit Awards.
  46. BEST VOCAL ARRANGEMENT – “The (Not So) Little Drummer Boy”. Moy Ortiz. 2007 Awit Awards.
  47. BEST DUO/ GROUP RECORDING – “Gusto Ko Ng Acapella” . 2002 Awit Awards.
  48. BEST GROUP – Guillermo Mendoza Awards 1991.
  49. ALBUM OF THE YEAR – “Harmony”. Catholic Mass Media Awards. 1995.
  50. GOLD RECORD AWARD – for the album “Storybook*”. 2003
  51. BEST VOCAL ARRANGEMENT – “With A Little Help From My Friends” – Moy Ortiz For Tria Bascon and the CompanY. Wanderlust album.
  52. BEST INSTRUMENTAL ARRANGEMENT” – “With A Little Help From My Friends” – JD Villanueva arranger. Moy Ortiz producer for Tria Bascon and The CompanY.
  53. BEST COLLABORATION – “With A Little Help From My Friends” The CompanY and Tria Bascon. 2013 Awit Awards.
  54. BEST WORLD MUSIC RECORDING – “Pinoy Na Krismas”. The CompanY and Jose Mari Chan. 2013 Awit Awards.