The CompanY Nostalgia 2

The CompanY
Maybank Performing Arts Theatre at the BGC ARTS CENTER
The Fort, Taguig
MAY 27, 2017. 8 p.m.
with special guests: Reuben Laurente and Zsaris

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from May 5 to May 22 only.

A transition. A coming of age. Millennials now call it adulting.

For most of us in the group, the ‘80s marked our transition from high school to university, and from students to professionals. This meant leaving the bubble that was college life and embarking on careers during a very unstable period in our country’s history. We had choices to make, important ones that would define who and what we were for the rest of our lives.

In the 1980s, this was us, adulting. We were fresh, idealistic, and ready to conquer the world while brokering world peace along the way. We were young, strong and confident. When The CompanY was formed in 1985, the socio-political climate was fraught with tension and ripe for a tremendous thunderstorm. The economy was so bad that entertainment was certainly an indulgence and relegated to the back burner. Soul food could wait, everyone had to put real food on the table first.

But there we were, singing jazz and trying to look more worldly in our tuxes and gowns bedecked with beads and sequins. What were we thinking?

Barely a year after, we emerged victorious from a revolution fueled by the will of the people, with our generation right there at the forefront. Suddenly, we were unstoppable. We were invincible. We were also defiant of anyone who told us not to cast our nets too wide, aim too high nor dream too much.

But the view through our rose-colored glasses was not really clear. Were we to stay and build our future here while rebuilding the nation? Or were we to join the throngs of Filipinos who would find their fortunes in other countries? Were we aspiring for wealth, fame, or simply for fulfillment? What about magis?

These were not easy decisions for us baby-boomers and Generation Xers. No wonder we held on fast to friendships forged during this period. No wonder we compensated for the onslaught of changes by wearing the most colorful outfits (so we wouldn’t be ignored), the biggest shoulder pads (so we were larger than life), the teased cobra hair for the girls and the mullet for the guys (just because we could).

Nostalgia 2 represents our best memories of the ‘80s, the parts we choose to remember with fondness and amusement, and maybe, also a bit of wistfulness and regret for the times that went by too fast because we were too busy or too afraid to stay in the moment.

We hope you join us as we tip off our hats to the bold, boisterous and buoyant ‘80s.